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After a very fun three years, we’re back! We were able to see beautiful country (if you’ve never been to OR, go), meet some great folks (the kind you hope to see again – I think some traveling is in our future), and spend wonderful family time together doing fun things like family bike rides (Minneapolis has the best trail system), weekends at the beach, picking flowers… the list goes on and on.

In celebration of our move back home, my husband made me a brand spanking new website – thanks Bri, I love it!
Can’t wait to see all of you again! In the meantime, you can keep up with our photographing here.


Jill & Mike

We packed up the family and took a short trip to Balsam Lake, Wisconsin to photograph Jill & Mike. Thank you to Britta & Joe for watching the littles (our kids seriously wanted to take them home with us – maybe next time). We spent a lot of our time on the frozen lake – if it had been in the summer, we would have been swimming… in the middle (well, almost) of a lake. Still hard for me to wrap my head around…
Jill & Mike are getting married this summer (no frozen lakes) – we had such a good time with them on this shoot – I just can’t wait for their wedding!
I love photographing good people’s happy moments…

Megan & Eric

… or Nick, as Brian called him. To be fair, Megan does have a brother named Nick.
I’ve known Megan’s family since 1986 and even better since 1988ish, when they moved in across the street. I have so many fond memories of sweet Megan and her family. It’s hard to believe that this little girl, my babysitee, is getting married. Her handsome, and equally sweet mate, is a pilot. Both in aviation, we had to do an engagement session at Bowman Field. It would be a serious understatement to say that I was looking forward to their wedding – I CANNOT  wait!

Alyson Dashner

Really great pictures! So happy for you two!

Mindy & Sean

I like Mindy; I have since the first time I met her. And I was super excited to meet her, very tall, groom (I think I come up to his elbow). As I was hoping, he’s just as nice and easy going as Mindy! They’re a great fit and I’m totally looking forward to their union this summer. Now back to winter, or fall, as I am reminded, you may get the feel in some of these photos, but it was a pretty chilly day… Minnesota chilly (of course, as newby’s to MN, have we really felt the chill yet?). I love how comfortable Mindy and Sean look, maybe love is all you need to keep warm…

Sweet Sisters

This family needs no introduction – I just LOVE, LOVE all of them!
You can go back in time here, here, and here (there is another shoot or two, but those are pre-blog).

The guy, there in the middle, he’s mine. And if everything goes as planned, one day, a Vest girl will offically be in the family.

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Beautiful photos of a beautiful family! :o)